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Date: September 2019 - December 2019

Categories: User Experience, Service Design, Sustainability

Team: Solo 

Tools: Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop


We love using reusable bottles for water on a daily basis, but we don’t really consider anything equivalent for coffee. Thus leading to a very harmful environmental issue: wasteful single-use coffee cups. So paving the path for the long-term use of reusable cups in cafés is not only about product design; as there are already many great reusable mugs on the market. It's a service design issue and a lack of easy-to-use alternatives to throw-away items


The tasse. app aims to promote the use of reusable cups for both coffee lovers and store owners. It's the first solution of its kind that will reward customers for bringing their own cup, yet it's flexible enough to integrate existing reusable cups in-store. So it's not about redesigning a cup, it's about encouraging a more sustainable lifestyle by rewarding customers based on their environmental commitment and loyalty. How many cups and trees did you save so far?

Visual Design 


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