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Design is Strategy made visible. 

Colorful portrait of Patricia Parnet

About Patricia

💼 SAP, Morgan Stanley, UBS, PwC, Deutsche Bank, IBM
👩🏻‍🎓 Design & Technology (STEM Master of Fine Arts), Parsons School of Design New York

🎤 German, English, French


Full-Stack Designer

I'm UX/AI Designer, Creative Strategist  and Candidate Experience Expert – all in one. My professional experience spans various industries like Technology, Banking & Finance, Consulting, Advertising, and Tourism. 


More Than Just Beautiful

As a Parsons School of Design alumna, I love to create smart and sustainable solutions for complex industries at the intersection of Design and Technology. My goal is to change the world for the better through meaningful design, whether it's a small day-to-day interaction or a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


For a Better Tomorrow

On and off work, I'm a passionate mentor and speaker at Universities with a focus on career development. I always love chatting about all things design, dogs, and a cause that is close to my heart: equal opportunities and access to the labor market for all.



"It is truly impressive what you (Patricia) have achieved in such a short time! You have enriched the team immensely and learnings, for sure, went both ways. Great leadership on your part, Patricia."

💬 Deutsche Bank

"I believe that Miss Parnet has an enormous creative talent equipped with the sensitivity needed to take businesses to the next level (...). Her passion for design and technology (...) shows her enthusiasm to revolutionize an industry."

👋 Let's connect!

Whether your focus is on collaboration or inspiration, I'd love to chat with you about all things design, technology, and equal career opportunities for all.

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