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When I hear the word augmentation, I immediately think about the most obvious forms of augmentation: Virtual and Augmented Reality. Additionally, I futuristic topics like cyborgs and AI come to my mind. In my opinion, there are two different kind of augmentation: trends (VR & AR) with mostly low-key augmentation, and a more in-depth approach with deep learning and intelligent technology. 

Interestingly, I didn't consider any physical elements as augmentation. But after thinking about it, natural phenomenons like "Fatamorganas" would be a dramatic example. Or even a simple mirror. 


I came up with a few examples like the Sci-Fi movie Avatar, the cyborg Neill Harbisson, an instant translation app (AR) and two different use cases for both, AR and VR. 



Later, I started researching online and in the library. Augmentation in terms of technology is still a pretty young field, but the dream about is much older.



I decided to focus on AR and discover ways to use it outside of the gaming and entertainment area.



Finally, I decided to focus on one specific industry: Retail. Interestingly, innovation in retail is usually not very advanced apart from entertainment and product display . The transition to online selling was basically the only discruption after the invention of the automated cashier systems in 1970, that used to be retail's biggest milestone to faster service.

Future Wheel

The future wheel is like an extension of a Mindmaps or brainstorming. The different is: it doesn't just list the ideas, it goes deeper.

Scenario Filter

The methodologies shows different outcomes and helps me to determine ways for implementation.

5 in 5 

I tried to include my research into my prototypes for an AR application in retail.

Therefore, I used different approaches and methodologies like creative. doing using C++/OpenFrameworks.



Based on my research in retail, I had the idea to continue working on my Major Studio one project, which was a platform for sharing reusable coffee cups. This includes both, retail and the end-user.


New Project

Due to the ongoing pandemic, I was forced to change my project. I wanted to build a physical. object, but after shifting to learning from home, I wouldn't have access to the resources and machines that I would need. Therefore, I came up with a new project that combined the core elements of my previous project ih a different way.


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