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Lufthansa #radlh


Date: May - August 2017

Categories: Smart Mobility, User Experience, Augmented Reality, App Design, Product Design 

Team: I've seen Lufthansa's challenge online and asked five friends and fellow students to build a team, with me being the only creative designer of the team. The rest of the team was responsible for strategic planning, marketing, research and business analytics.

Role: As a coordinator and creative lead, I was overlooking all steps in order to bring them together ahead of the deadline. 

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop


Despite the fact that our inner cities are usually chronically overloaded, buses and trains are not running around the clock, everyone is talking about protecting the environment. There are a few bike or car sharing services available, but they are not widely known or they simply aren't cool enough to attract customers of all ages. How can this co-exist? 

Key Users


When the Lufthansa Innovation Challenge appeared, I thought it is time to chance the way we explore cities and move from A to B with an eco-friendly concept for smart mobility that covers more than Lufthansa planes. Meet the extended version of Lufthansa Express... and collect Miles while using it!

Visual Design

Using the Lufthansa Branding at the time in order to integrate our ideas smoothly into the existing brand DNA within the Lufthansa Express network.


Shortlisted, public voting and finally nominated as Top 5 teams in this national competition.

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