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Africa Greentec

Africa Greentec provides solar power, internet connection and telemedicine as part of a holistic "360° strategy" in Niger and Mali in order to "electrify" villages in a fair way. At the beginning, the startup had no defined strategy in many business areas, especially not in marketing, and no standardized corporate design. Apart from that, they did not know how to attract the next generation of impact investors and lastly, they did not have a clear vision of their future and had difficulties to think about new concepts, products and services in a digital environment.


After the redesign, Africa Greentec remains the umbrella brand and coordinates all corporate processes in their entirety. EnergyNIUS, the digital brand of Africa Greentec, provides a network that is designed to attract people with and especially without any alphabetization skills,. Thanks to my app concept, also people without any education can use visual media and intuitive services via voice control or simple pictograms and have to opportunity to get in touch with the brand. The app provides content far beyond the actual investment, like interviews with habitants, facts about the target region or the latest news at Africa Greentec.

Date: October 2017 - January 2018

Categories: Web Design, UI/UX, Start-up, Sustainability, Impact Investing,  Investor Relations

Team: Solo 

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