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Visit SAP

A Digital Guest Experience for SAP Berlin and the World.


May 2021 - March 2023


UX/UI Design, App Design, Customer Experience, Accessibility, Service Design


Development suqad of 4-10, plus business stakeholders



First UX Designer in a team, then Lead Designer


Figma, Mural, Qualtrics Surveys, User Zoom, Adobe Premiere Rush, PowerPoint


The Visit SAP Digital Guest Experience App elevates both onsite and remote client visits at SAP's new Berlin location from the ground up. Throughout the years, the process of scheduling and facilitating client visits remained the same, leading to decentralized dependencies and complex client experience management.  For the first time, Visit SAP provides a central location for all visit-related data, enabling customers and Account Executives to concentrate on the essential aspects of client visits: building valuable relationships and conducting productive meetings.

For the first time, the Visit SAP app centralizes all visit-specific information along the guest journey, allowing both customers and Account Executives to prioritize impactful relationship building and worthwhile meetings.

Selected Features

🚕 Travel Information

With sustainability in mind, every guest receives personalized travel suggestions and directions. Let's go!

📆 Agenda

A real-time schedule and summary for all meetings of the visit, including all relevant details, docs, and breaks.

📈 Location Insights

On-site guests enjoy a preview of the office location, ranging from amenities to facts and figures.

📡 Wifi

Instead of asking for login details, guests conveniently discover their exclusive access key within the app.

🍜 City Tips

Assisting guests in exploring a new city like a local with curated dining, hotel, and sightseeing recommendations.

✏️ Admin Console

A full-service view for employees aiming to plan an upcoming visit and activate the app for their guests.



Next Steps

Finally, the Visit SAP app went live in Q3 2023 in Berlin. Shortly after, it was already extended to SAP locations worldwide, such as London and Brussels –more to come. Given each SAP location is unique yet uniform, the system is tailored to accommodate this diversity with location-specific options and features. Visit SAP will become the default solution for customer visits at SAP worldwide. 

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